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List of Healthy Drinks Besides Water.

List of Healthy Drinks Besides Water.
Plain water is a healthy and refreshing drink for our body. Inconceivable, if the body is not enough fluid in a relatively long period of time. Haus is one of the body's response that requires an immediate fluid intake. In fact, all human organs do require a sufficient intake of fluids to support various activities done.

Additionally, water does have a myriad of health benefits. But if one day you feel bored with the consumption of water each time, then you do not need to worry since there are several drinks that also has a very good benefit to the body. Only, though the drink is not necessarily able to be used as a substitute for white water overall. You can take it at any time only if you feel saturated with water consumption continuously.

Here are some good drinks consumed and has no less important properties of water:

1. Green tea.
Besides having a delicious flavor and is so typical, it is also a famous green tea rich in virtue that serves to maintain a healthy body. Among them is a drink for weight loss, because the content of green tea is able to absorb fats and polyphenols that can cause the intensity of burning fat faster if consumed regularly, to prevent diabetes because green tea is able to regulate the content of sugar in the blood, avoiding the risk of baldness, this is because the potency substances contained in green tea can increase the excretion of hair and is able to regenerate, reducing the risk of heart disease and reduce inflammation.

2. Lemon juice
Everyone must be familiar with this nutritious fruit. The content of vitamin C that is so rich in lemon is very good for health. Including vitamin C is able to maintain and strengthen the immune system or immune system, in addition to the vitamin C in lemons proven to help skin stay healthy because it is able to produce collagen to the skin. Therefore, do not be surprised if this time found many leading cosmetics companies that exploit the properties of lemon. Well, for that, there is no harm from this moment, the input of lemon juice on the daily menu.



3. Mint leaves
Mint leaf does have a number of important benefits for the body, but do you know when the mint leaves mixed with mineral water and used as a drink can provide a cooling effect and can also help lower body temperature when body temperature is too hot. In addition, another benefit is the mint leaves also act as aromatherapy that can help reduce the stress experienced by the body.

4. Ginger
Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve irritated skin. In addition, some studies have shown that ginger may provide soothing properties and a sense of comfort in the stomach because the content is so warm ginger. Thus, the warm ginger juice mixed with sugar can you make alternative choices, when you start to get bored consuming mineral water because it tastes fresh.

5. Hot chocolate
The first healthy drinks that are on our list and that is our favorite was the hot chocolate. Who does not like to drink hot chocolate? Aside from being able to change the mood from bad to good, hot chocolate also helps protect you from heart disease.

6. Ginger tea.
You have problems with the stomach, ginger is the best natural healer. Ginger has been known for its prowess in relieving nausea, improving digestion, and other problems. One to two cups of ginger tea should you drink every day. Savory aroma and taste is delicious and refreshing.

Hot chocolate drink made from pure cocoa. If you want to taste a little sweeter, add maple syrup or almond milk. Avoid hot chocolate sweeten with sugar.

7. Low-fat milk.
Milk is usually widely drunker by young children, rather than adults. When you were little, your parents also teach you to drink milk every day, is not it? Actually, milk drinks that must be taken every day, even by adults. Milk is a healthy drink because it contains calcium and protein. Kind of milk is best to drink low-fat milk.

8. Kale juice.
Green vegetables this one lately become very popular among those who live a healthy lifestyle. Because good benefits offered by kale, we include them in our list of healthy beverages. Our advice, you better make yourself kale juice at home instead of buying them out. Drink the juice of curry and you will feel the benefits as soon as kale contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.

9. Cranberry juice.
Cranberry juice is very good for the body because it can help prevent the risk of gum disease. Cranberry juice contains a component that can hinder bacteria from sticking in the gums. Sugar levels high enough cranberry juice. So, you are recommended to drink one glass every day, it was enough.

10. Mint leaves.
When mixed with mint leaves in mineral water, then your body will get the effect of "cool and fresh" because of one plant is known to lower the temperature of the body when it is considered to have a temperature that is too hot. Not only that, mint leaves can also be used as aromatherapy which can help reduce the stress that may be the middle of the encounter. Now, mint leaves have been processed in various types so as to allow you to eat them.

11.potato juice
It may sound a bit odd.
But drink potato juice in the morning can detoxify the body system, help prevent cancer and kidney disease, lower cholesterol levels, keep the digestive system, as well as keeping the body systems work well.

12.Garlic + water
Mash garlic, mix in a glass of water and drink.
When you consume on an empty stomach, garlic will improve blood circulation, liver function, and help heal the body system that does not run well, with a content of antimicrobial.

13.Turmeric + water
Add a pinch of turmeric in a glass of water and drink in the morning.
Antioxidants and anti-cancer properties of turmeric will work well in the morning.
It will also minimize the levels of cholesterol and reduce inflammation in the body.

14. Garlic + water
Mash garlic, mix in a glass of water and drink.
When you consume on an empty stomach, garlic will improve blood circulation, liver function, and help heal the body system that does not run well, with a content of antimicrobial.

Similarly, some types of drinks when consumed has the efficacy of the Healthy Drinks Water Besides, the content of these beverages is proven effective and good for health. For that, some beverages above, you can make a choice, when you're tired of consuming water.


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